The Virgin Diaries

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Jessica, 16

… this book is immensely interesting because it gives you access to information that most people are to shy too ask for and too shy to share.

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Kreag Sheehan, 15 (male)

This book is primarily aimed toward teenagers, but I honestly think it is a good read for anyone looking for some more insight on the subject.

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Jude Henderson, 17

…books like this come down from heaven! They should force every single teenager to read books like this.

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Katelyn Torrey, 17

Would I give this book to parents of teenagers? Yes. A million times yes.


Grace, 14 

Teenagers like me look to these sorts of books to answer our questions and help us to make decisions about our boundaries.

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Kayla, 18

Reading The Virgin Diaries made me realize that teens need to know more about this subject and many times are uneducated because their parents feel uncomfortable talking about it.

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Being a female, I found the stories of men the most interesting. It shed a light on the fact that they have some of the same emotions and feelings as we women so on sex.

Review: Hanging Off The Wire

Traci Davis, author of The Momma Guide

This book can be a huge help if you are looking for a way to talk to your teen! All Mommas have to have the talk eventually!

Review: The First Time!

The North Bay Bohemian, October 20, 2010

Interspersed with personal accounts are quotes like “Credibility is like virginity. Once you lose it, you can never get it back.”

Bill McDonald

Surrendering one’s virginity is nothing less than a right of passage, comparable to war or facing death. This book ranks among the most enlightening ever written on the subject and left me with a new found spiritual dignity.

Bill Corbett, author of Love, Limits and Lessons: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Cooperative Kids

Not only will you connect with so many of the testimonies compiled in this book, but you will laugh, cry and become alarmed at what you read. this book is a must read for every parent…

Rob Sullivan, Motivational Speaker

…the stories were not at all what I expected and a truly welcome surprise. A great read for people of all ages.

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Ain’t No Sunshine: Men Reveal the Pain of Heartbreak

Midwest Book Review
It’s not manly to show emotion but they are still there. Ain’t No Sunshine: Men Reveal The Pain Of Heartbreak is a collection of stories surrounding the heartbreak men feel when their relationship goes sour and the efforts to keep up the facade of toughness when all they want to do is cry.
An intriguing compilation pulled from many sources, Ain’t No Sunshine may be of interest to those who really believe men and women are different and for men who have recently lost.

Leo Averbach, Author Of Breakup
I congratulate Kimberley Johnson and Ann Werner on compiling this collection of men’s accounts of their breakups. There is a lot I like about ‘Aint No Sunshine. The e-book edition is attractive, well organized and easy on the eye. The stories, facilitated by anonymity, display a simple honesty from men that is very touching and quite rare in the regular divorce discourse – a welcome and original addition to divorce literature.

It is interesting to observe the patterns that emerge when couples break up, whether after a brief relationship or after a long marriage, with kids. The initial shock and disbelief is followed by a period of anger which usually recedes over time to be replaced by longings and, in many cases, by moving onto a new life. A few of the men were helped in this process by undergoing therapy of one sort or another.

I found the comments by the professionals insightful. One recommended that men should ‘keep busy’ post-divorce. Journaling was also considered to be a constructive tactic. It was suggested that men find it harder to ‘let go’ than women. On this issue, it seems that men experience breakups much as women do but women, who are generally able and willing to express themselves verbally more than men, are better at processing the trauma.

Reading the accounts in the book threw me back to my own divorce; the whole gamut of emotions surfaced. Luckily, with nothing like the intensity they had back then. There is hope in a lot of the stories and overall the book confirms my view that although divorce is usually a nasty business, handled correctly it can lead to better things.

Suri – Amazon reviewer 
I honestly have to say that I loved this book. The variety of collections were interesting and informative of how men actually react to heartbreak. There were some stories that brought tears to my eyes and I would and will recommend this book to all women and men. Purchasing another copy to send to my friend.

Living, Learning And Loving Life
This book is a great read for women who are wondering if men have feelings. And for men who may not realize that other men actually have feelings, too.

Bodice Ripper Novels
This was a sad and very interesting glimpse into the minds of men who are hurting after deaths and breakups … I thoroughly enjoyed this book but wished it could have been longer.

C.C. Cole Amazon reviewer
Ain’t No Sunshine is an honest look into not the minds of men, but their hearts. The breakup of a romantic relationship of any kind is a memorable, and sometimes devastating experience that happens to most of us at one time or another. This book removes the cloak of indifference often given to men, as they sometimes handle the stress of a breakup differently than women. The anonymous interviews reveal that human hearts are fragile regardless of gender. Congratulations, Five Stars!

Secrets of a Mad Hatter
For all the women (like myself) who believe that all men are the same, I want you to read this and I know for sure that it will change your opinion.

Things Women Want
Each of the stories in ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ is real and they will touch you in a unique way. In fact, you may change the way you think about men going through tough times in relationships. In the end you will find that although men ‘handle’ these situations differently than women usually do, that does not minimize the fact that they too feel pain during a break up. … I highly recommend the book – it is definitely a worthwhile read!

Crista on Goodreads
I am always curious about how people feel and respond to certain aspects that are natural in life. The stories were amazing. It gave a bit more understanding, and not just a clinical one, to how men feel. They don’t react much differently than their female counterpart really. With the possible exception they are more able or willing to hide their feelings. The compiled stories were all interesting and written with such feeling. Some of these men you just wanted to take into your arms and hug until they felt better. The editors/compilers did a wonderful job of choosing the men’s stories. I was just all around thrilled with the book. Kudos! Now I want to read one of the editors other bits of work!

Full Moon Bites
This book really made me see that men do not have the liberty to really express how they feel because of being taught that men do not cry or talk about their feelings.
I would recommend this Reality Book to anyone; definitely a book we can all gain knowledge from.

Melanie’s Book Addiction
Ain’t No Sunshine is a compilation of true stories about heartbreaks. The authors requested the help of men to answer some questions. The answers, written in a form of essay, were anonymous so the men weren’t ashamed to write down their true feelings. Ain’t No Sunshine helps us understand what really goes on inside a man’s head. Whether it’s from a divorce or death, men struggle from a broken heart. They have some of the same emotions and feelings as women. They have to deal with pain and often, depression. Some admitted they considered suicide while others needed therapy. A few men mentioned not being able to talk about their feelings with their friends because in our society, men are simply not allowed to. Society portrays men as being tough and having no feelings. Women think they have it easy when it comes to breaking up in a relationship but from reading Ain’t No Sunshine, this is not the case. The book even offers interviews with therapists, psychics and bartenders. They each share what they’ve seen and heard from broken-hearted men. The book is also filled with quotes which I thought were very fascinating to read.

Ain’t No Sunshine is a very interesting read for both men and women.

Once I started reading this, I literally could not stop. As a woman, I have made certain assumptions about men. They tell you so little. The candor and honesty was not only touching but I look at men a little differently now. The men who gave their stories really opened up and let us in. Can’t wait for the next book!

This is a great book for any woman who wonders “What a man feels like in a breakup”. It’s very interesting and captivating. I purchase this for My Brother whom is going through a bad break up and the book helped him. He understood he wasn’t alone.


American Woman  The Poll Dance: Women and Voting

Jaime Franchi Long Island Press staff reporter
Kimberley Johnson write an honest, from the heart, smart portrayal of the role of women in the electorate that should be required reading for men and women alike. Well researched – and entertaining – this book gives a voice to a crucial component of American politics.

Terence Strait, Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives
I frequently lament how inactive in the political process may people are. Kimberley explains in a clear way why exactly people should pay attention and vote, and through her casual tone, makes the book easy to read. She addresses both history and current events in a way that make them feel relevant to the reader. It frequently feels more like having a conversation than reading, which makes it accessible to a much larger segment of the population.

Brian Wood, Political Blogger
This is a phenomenal read. For anyone who may be put off by a topic they may not know about or don’t find interesting – read it. It’s conversational and Kimberley brilliantly weaves her own personal story in with some historical information regarding suffragettes and the (non) passage of the ERA. The passion that she has for women’s rights leaps right off the page and she wants YOU to get passionate about it.

There’s a warmth and humor that radiates throughout, which makes it an easy read. Her personal story and awakening were extremely interesting. As I said, she takes a serous topic and doesn’t lose the reader.

In sum, anyone interested in the fight for women’s rights in the United States should read this. Even if you’re educated on it you’ll learn something – I consider myself a socially conscious person and there were some things in this book that I didn’t know. I like to be entertained and learn stuff. If you like to be entertained and learn stuff, you should buy this book.

I really enjoyed American Woman. It’s a great mix of history, current events and a personal narrative from the author. Very conversational with a common sense approach to feminism. Kimberley provided some unique, and sometimes funny, insights and turned what could be a boring subject – the importance of voting – into a very enjoyable read. More Americans should understand the battles women have endured and what they mean to the current generation and the ones to come. Great job Kimberley!

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