CRAZY web page picA serial killer is stalking up and coming celebrity chef Emily Simonson. That killer wants her dead, but first, that killer wants her terrified. And that killer has figured out the perfect way to do it.

Aspiring actresses who bear a resemblance to Emily are being murdered and before each murder, a warning is sent. But those warnings don’t tell who, where or when. Who is next? And when will it be Emily’s turn to die?

From the streets of West Hollywood to the highrises of West Los Angeles, to a secluded hideout in the desert, CRAZY paints a picture of life in the fast lane of Hollywood. For some it’s a dream come true. For others it’s dreams that are left unrealized and for some, it’s the end of the line.

CRAZY takes you into the mind of a fiendish serial killer who, fueled by Satanic fantasies and a mysterious Guardian, wreaks havoc in Hollywood. There’s a Satanic serial killer on the loose. Who will be the next victim?


Available in paperback at your favorite online book sellers and Kindle format at Amazon as well as a variety of eBook formats at Smashwords and your favorite eBook retailers.

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