Dreams and Nightmares

Reflections of a Bookworm Demented characters =  Great suspense novel
Decker Jones has just made it big; she is now a New York Times Bestselling Author. So what do you do to celebrate? You buy the house of your dreams and begin renovation, maybe have a date or two with a cute guy.

On the other end of the spectrum is Albert Crawford, career bank robber until it all comes to an end and he winds up behind bars for the rest of his life.

These two are on a collision course, and only one will be left alive.

Ok so I have to confess the title and the cover fooled me I thought this would be a paranormal book, man was I wrong. I really enjoyed the way that Ann Werner weaved the two stories together, two completely different lives and one epic ending.

Jesse B Ellyson  A Delight From Start To Finish
The juxtaposition of these two completely separate and unrelated stories gives “Dreams And Nightmares” a strange sense of discontinuity but it works. As the book switches from one story to the other, the reader is taken along on two different rides at the same time; one, a soft and cozy fantasy where things are happy and hopeful and the other a dark and dangerous adventure where nothing goes right and death waits for the slightest mistake.

When the two stories finally collide, as the reader knows they will, it is nothing less than magnificent. The fact that the collision is expected does nothing to diminish the drama of the event. This is writing at its best. As she did with her previous book, “The People Next Door,” Ann Werner has crafted a wonderful story full of adventure and intrigue and sure to hit the mark for any reader. “Dreams And Nightmares” is a total success on every level.

Beeshon Brilliant!
This was a superbly-written book and the characters brilliantly portrayed: Albert is intensely repulsive in looks, character and speech, his associates no less, all of them products of damaged childhoods and the consequences thereof. There is very little danger that you ever grow to like him or his friends – they are somewhat captivating, however; something about their strangeness, their vileness and depravity makes them compelling. Decker is the complete antithesis: it’s very easy to admire and feel happy for the success of this gentle, hardworking young woman and with little flamboyance or showiness she quietly goes about building her dreams. I thought it was a nice touch to portray her as a dedicated and hopeful writer, many of whose characters and book plots resemble very much those with which she ultimately finds herself involved.

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Ibwireman “believer in ethics” Crazy indeed
Very well crafted suspense thriller. I stumbled across Ms. Werner purely by accident after reading an article she had written. A happy accident, I must say. Now I’ll have to backtrack, read her first offering, then wait for the release of her current work in progress.

Renee James, Author of Coming Out Can Be Murder A Thrill Ride Into the World of a Celebrity Chef
CRAZY, the third novel by former soaps actress Ann Werner, is a tasty mystery centered on an emerging celebrity chef. Set in the Hollywood environs of southern California, the book picks up Emily Simonson’s life at that magic moment when her cooking career has vaulted her into the fame and fortune she had never achieved as an actress. Her cookbook is hotter than a pizza oven, her restaurant and store are going gangbusters, and a major California television station is cultivating her for her own cooking show.

But there is a dark side to Emily’s celebrity too. Her success has aroused the hatred of someone in her life, a hatred so deep the mysterious villain begins gruesomely murdering actresses who look like Emily and sending her the photos.

What makes CRAZY a compelling read is the way Werner weaves together several different stories. In the story of Emily’s professional life we identify with her trepidations and thrill at her successes. Another story is the mystery of which of the people in her circle is the villain, and this part of the book is rich with teasing clues that keep us turning pages. And yet another story begins to unfold after we are exposed to the villain, and CRAZY becomes a tense countdown to the climatic clash of heroine and villain.

Along the way, Werner draws on her personal experience in television to take us behind the scenes in that industry, giving us glimpses of actors’ lives, from acting schools to auditions to the business side of entertainment.

Emily Simonson is a richly textured heroine. Though others praise Emily’s beauty, she is unaware of it and regards herself modestly. She is filled with the same doubts and uncertainties about herself that most of us carry into new endeavors. We see into her mind frequently as she ponders the growing body of questions in her life, from her business life to her love interest to the looming menace of her stalker.

CRAZY is a refreshing change of pace from the steady stream of formulaic mysteries served up by traditional publishers. It is a fun read with a compelling plot, great backdrops and plenty of dramatic tension.

Alle Wells, Author of Leaving Serenity Can You Trust Your friends?
In “Crazy”, we hear Emily’s story, but more importantly and more disturbingly, we hear the demonic voice the killer as it plots to kill, coerces its victims, and switches from one to the other. This unusual thriller will make you cautious of your friends as you watch Emily being swept along by everyday life, only to be dropped into a deep, sinister place propelled by jealousy and hatred. This is a well-written, good read. As in “Dreams and Nightmares”, I loved watching Ms. Werner’s strong, resilient female character rise to the occasion and come up fighting!

Jodi Chapters Chapters and Chats Crazy? You Bet!
Retired actress Ann Werner has found her niche in writing psychological thrillers. With `CRAZY’ her third fiction novel, Ann delves into the dark mind of a killer creating a tense storyline that has her reader afraid to turn the page for fear of the next gruesome scene.

The book could easily have been written as the typical slasher type horror, but Ann gives just enough gory detail to keep that from happening. What Ann has ended up with is a thriller that will keep her readers glued to the pages to see what happens next.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves to be dragged by the heels into a psychological game of cat-and-mouse. Whether you chose to root for the evil-doer or the victim you will enjoy the read.

Suri Crazy? I was crazy once…
I absolutely enjoyed Crazy by Ann Werner. I have read her books in the past and this book entertained me to the core because I am absolutely a fan of Psychological Thrillers. I started out reading a couple of pages each night because of my busy schedule and one night I was committed to only reading a few pages and found that I could not put it down; I stayed up until 2am finishing it!
A nice applause to Ann Werner for choosing a very inviting cover and a timeline layout of the events Emily experienced. The book was easy to read and comprehend. I absolutely love the detailed insight of how a “crazy” person thinks and at what lengths they will go to, to get the satisfaction they seek. The book leaves you wanting more as it delves deeper into the mind of a sociopath. The integration of dreams/nightmares does add an element of surprise especially at the end. I can’t say too much without ruining the experience for you readers.
All in all, if you are looking for an exciting thrill, this is the book to read. You will find yourself in fear, curious and laughing throughout your read. Most times, all I kept thinking was, “I bet you it’s ____!!!”Very well written and keeps you in suspense mode! Make sure to read Crazy!!!

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Cooper’s Grove

Cristina Goodreads
This book was epic! I was quickly drawn in. It is a love story and a ghost tale. Absolutely storytelling at its finest!

Melissa Everything Marie
Thorough character development of characters from all walks of life and age ranges proves to provide a unique tale of romance, love, loss, and mystery or a ghost tale.

Reading Shy with Aly
It’s always interesting to see how different authors approach the paranormal and Ann Werner puts her own spin on it. I found myself questioning what I had previously assumed about ghosts, and it was very interesting in that way.

Alle Wells, Author
Cooper’s Grove captures simplicity in its purest form in Miss Aggie’s witty and lovable voice. This is a love story, a story of heart and courage that shows great capacity for capturing the souls of a wide range of characters. … Cooper’s Grove is a soulful must read!