A study proves that color psychology can help affect human moods. Even so, the same color effect can be different for each person. This difference also depends on the age, sex, and culture of each. Color effects that are so strong in influencing a person’s condition are also widely used by

Healthy skin will be able to carry out its duties as the body’s first defense against germs and environmental changes. So that the function can work well, then consume foods that are good for skin health. Another function of the skin that is rarely understood is its role in helping bone

Do you want to appear slim but stay healthy in the near future? Forget about a strict diet and start consuming a lot of fatty foods. Here is a good source of fat that can be consumed without worrying the body will quickly fatten. Nuts Nuts contain very high fiber, vitamins

Some people think that they are not the right type of person to practice yoga for a variety of reasons, such as not being flexible or not patient enough. This is suspected because not many people know how to do yoga right for beginners. Actually yoga can be done for all

Want to be beautiful does not need to be complicated using all kinds of drugs or surgery that can make your face look unnatural. Just find out a variety of natural beauty tips and apply them with discipline. Guaranteed, your natural beauty will radiate by itself. Although beauty is relative, keeping

Consider again if you often exchange or lend clothes or lipstick with friends. Exchanging personal items with other people turns out to be at risk of transmitting many diseases that we may not even experience the symptoms. A study found an astonishing fact that a number of tester or makeup samples

Pores are actually needed to sweat and oil on the surface of the skin. In healthy skin, the skin pores will not be so visible. In contrast to clogged pores which can visibly appear visibly. Pores that look big, especially on the face, tend to make a person less confident. There

Not only is it delicious mixed into cooking or drinks, honey has various benefits for the face. The method is very easy, just by using it as a honey mask. Honey contains antimicrobials, antioxidants, and can provide a calming effect on your skin. The antioxidant content contained in honey requires the