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Some people think that they are not the right type of person to practice yoga for a variety of reasons, such as not being flexible or not patient enough. This is suspected because not many people know how to do yoga right for beginners.

Actually yoga can be done for all ages with any body character. In addition to building strength and flexibility, this exercise is also right to help relieve stress.

Here are some basic postures of yoga that can be done for beginners.

Mountain attitude

Stand with big toes touching each other, but separate heels. Both hands on the right side of the body. Pull both shoulders down while keeping them not back and spread the collarbone. Head straight with your back straight. Hold this position for at least half a minute to one minute. If applied regularly, this position is useful to improve body posture.

Resembling a dog looking down

After taking a position resembling a dog with both hands and knees on the floor, lift your buttocks and knees away from the floor, but the surfaces of both palms and feet remain on the floor. Take a breath and open both legs with the legs in a straight position. Keep your back and both hands straight with your head between your hands. Hold for 1-3 minutes. This position is useful to train your back, upper body, chest, arms, and legs.


From the position of the dog, lower the upper body until the body is in a position like a push-up. Both of your palms are just below the shoulders with straight elbows. Face facing down. This position will help form the arms, wrists and core muscles to become stronger. Hold this posture for a maximum of one minute.

Knight one

From the position of the mountain, you can stretch your legs to the right until you leave the left leg. Position your body and legs to the right, then lift your hands up with your arms on your right and left ears in a straight state. The palms are clenched together. Bend your right leg until your knees are slightly ahead of your ankles. Slowly bend the chest until the back curves back, but keep the head upright. Hold for 30-60 seconds. Replace with another body side. This position is useful for training balance and lower body muscles.

Knight two

By taking the same leg and body position as a knight, look right / left in the direction of your body position and stretch both hands. Eyes point to fingers. Hold for at least 30 seconds and maximum up to 60 seconds.


From a mountain position, you can also raise your right foot by placing your right foot on the inner side of your left thigh. Stick both palms and place them in front of the chest. Hold this position about 30-60 seconds. After that, do the same movement with the other leg.

Lie down

Lie on your back. Breathe slowly and focus your mind. Raise your right leg up and hold it in the air, then replace it with your left foot. Then lift both feet together, hold it in the air for as long as possible while maintaining normal breathing.

Position of child (Child pose)

Sit on the floor with both toes meeting behind and parallel thighs. Both knees separate. The butt is above the two heels. Bend your upper body forward, until the stomach meets your thighs and forehead to meet with a mattress / floor. Place both hands on the right and left sides of the body, on the side of the pelvis, with your palms open. Hold this position for 30 seconds to 3 minutes to stretch the neck, pelvis, and lower back muscles.

In practicing the yoga methods above, do not force yourself, especially if you feel pain when doing certain poses. A beginner is advised to practice with the instructor. Don’t forget to have a check up and inform the coach if you experience problems with certain limbs, such as joints.

There are many types of yoga that can be tried according to need. If you want to shape your body and maintain fitness, you can choose power yoga, Bikram yoga, and yoga Ashtanga. On the other hand, certain medical conditions can be treated with Iyengar yoga, Kripalu yoga, or Viniyoga. But make sure to consult a doctor first if you have a health problem.

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