Room Color Rule to Boost Your Mood

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A study proves that color psychology can help affect human moods. Even so, the same color effect can be different for each person. This difference also depends on the age, sex, and culture of each.

Color effects that are so strong in influencing a person’s condition are also widely used by entrepreneurs in marketing their products. It is said that color can affect the emotions and perceptions of prospective buyers of the products offered.

Color Psychology and Welfare of the Residents of the House

You may just realize that actually color psychology can help improve the well-being of home residents. The trick is to apply the right color to the elements in the house, such as the color of the walls, decoration, and furniture. You can apply some colors to this house to get a better atmosphere.

Warm color for the family room

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Give a touch of warm colors, like red, yellow, orange, brown or cream in your living room or living room. These colors tend to encourage someone to talk to each other while sitting together. Therefore, each person will feel warmth and closeness to one another.

Red or yellow for the kitchen or dining room

rede kitchen - Room Color Rule to Boost Your Mood

The red color is suitable for the kitchen area because in addition to stimulating the occupants to talk to each other, this color also tends to make someone eat more. The red dining room will also make guests think that you are good at cooking. However, if you are on a diet program, avoid red in the kitchen or dining room.

Cool color for the bedroom

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The colors that are considered cold are blue, green and purple lavender. These colors have a calming effect, in accordance with the function of the bedroom to relax and build closeness with a partner. This can happen because cold colors are lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

White for the bathroom

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White is perfect for coloring the interior of the bathroom because it reflects cleanliness. This color also supports comfort as a place to do personal things. Besides being white, you can also choose green, blue, or blue for the bathroom. These three colors have the same effect as white.

Color choices for the gym

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In the workspace, you can apply the red or orange color to provide a driving effect to be more energetic. However, this color sometimes also has a heat effect so that some people are more fit to use green or blue. Moreover, according to psychology, a combination of green-yellow or green-blue can give a feeling of happiness. In addition, green can increase your concentration and performance.

Color Psychology that Stimulates Feelings

Color can also stimulate feelings directly. This effect is useful for those of you who want to improve your mood. The following colors can be used, according to the effect of the feeling you want.

Green and yellow as carriers of happy feelings

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If you want to feel happy, use green and yellow. This has been proven through research in Amsterdam. Both colors are associated with the effects of sunlight and grasslands that can brighten the mood and feel happy.

Red encouragement

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Is your spirit down? So wear red clothes to increase morale. This color is believed to be able to energize and pump adrenaline so you tend to be more active. Use this color when you go to the office and avoid wearing it when you go to sleep or are in the bathroom which requires you to relax more.

Soothing blue

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When you are hit by stress, anxiety, or facing heavy work, wear blue clothing. This color gives peace so it reduces stress and anxiety.

Color psychology is very useful in everyday life. You can apply it anytime and anywhere. The easiest is to apply it to everyday clothing choices to shape the desired mood.

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